What is PRF?

The Pasture Rangeland Forage (PRF) Insurance Program was created to assist in protecting your operation if there is a lack of precipitation.

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Lack of precipitation can impact the growth of your forage. PRF Insurance is very simple, no record-keeping or claims required.

How do you choose the proper interval?

You and your Insurance Agent will determine the intervals that are most likely to impact your forage. You can select the period that is most important to your operation. For instance, if precipitation in January is important to your forage growth and January returns below-average precipitation, PRF Insurance could trigger a loss.

Will my crop agent help?

It is important that you work with your crop agent to make decisions on all the different choices to make, such as: coverage level, index intervals, irrigated practice, productivity factor, and the number of acres you wish to insure (as you don’t have to insure all of them). You and your Crop Agent should look over the Grid ID Locator map and index grids for your area to determine where to assign acreage on the grid or grids.

Here at Ag Risk Advisors, we have a team of experienced Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) Agents . The deadline to establish PRF coverage is December 1st. Contact AgRisk Advisors today to get a second opinion on your current coverage or determine if the PRF program would be a good fit for your operation.

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